You never have to lose your WhatsApp data ever again. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps, and you can transfer all old WhatsApp messages to your new phones. Whether it is a shift to a new model of the iPhone from an older one or a complete revamp from an Android to an iPhone. ITransor for WhatsApp is an easy-to-operate software that can help you transfer and backup your WhatsApp data with unparallel ease. It keeps all of your data files safe and doesn’t overwrite or delete previous backups. It’s an excellent way of safely securing your files and freeing up your device’s storage.

  • Tap “Select” button at the upper right corner, select the items you want to transfer, tap “Send” button at the bottom.
  • Your Android phone must be running Android 12 or higher version .
  • You will now be at a screen where it asks you what removable media you would like to use to transfer the data.
  • Formerly known as SMSSecure, Silence is a secure messaging app that encrypts messages locally on your device as well as in transit.

It’s typically stored in a secure, separate location from an original device, such as a cloud. LG mobile switch gives you the freedom to migrate data from any android or iOS device to a new LG phone. By default, Android devices are safe from «drive-by downloads,» or malicious code that gets downloaded to your device without your consent.

If you have a local backup, you can directly restore it on your Android. As for the cloud service, you can check your cloud storage and the recycle bin from the separated apps, and then you can make sure if the lost data are there or not. So, if you really need to get the deleted files back, we recommend you give the Android file recovery program root access to the phone. After the data are back, you can unroot your phone anytime you want. However, rooting for data recovery is still recommended because much more of the deleted files are in the part of the file system that is only accessible with root privilege.

Video File Size By Format

It does make you feel old to know that 10 years ago, this is a process that was nonexistent. But today, we have new ways to make our digital lives efficient and easy. Take for example transferring apps from an old iPhone to a new iPhone. This method is handy if there are just a couple of apps beyond the Google ones you want to back up data from. It’s also handy because you can restore the data whenever you like, not just when you first set up your new phone (a limitation of Google’s method).

For most users, this will provide the shortest file transfer time. Additionally, for those with limited cellular data allowance, uploading a multiple GB file will eat away at your monthly allowance. While you can transfer your files via USB cable or an online platform, Bluetooth transfer may be more convenient.

How To Transfer Apps From IPhone To IPhone

We have to say that we’d confidently recommend MacDroid as the ideal solution, no matter what your requirements. It’s a straightforward program, offers a range of different features, and carries out tasks completely smoothly. You can try it out in the free version, or get full usability by investing in the PRO edition. Now, when you use your Mac or Android device, all you need to do is download the files, and you’ll be able to view Android files on Mac. You can now transfer files from Android to Mac wirelessly or vice versa.

Unfortunately, for MobiMover users, data management is not available on Android devices. Motorola Migrate is a useful app to transfer data from Motorola to Motorola, but it is not available for Android phones running Android 6 and later. Luckily, there are other Motorola transfer tools that you can use instead of Motorola Migrate. Among the 5 apps we introduce above, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is the best Motorola Migrate alternative you should have. Compared to other apps that transfer over Wi-Fi, using Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is more secure and fast.

Step 1 Launch Transfer Window

Connecting your Android device to your computer with a USB cable can be annoying and almost prehistoric. It’s easier and you’re not chained to a USB cable when you want to move some music around. There’s several different ways to get the job down, and this guide is going to go through some of those options. If you’ve already backed those items up to a cloud service, you can safely uncheck them here and avoid filling up your phone’s storage with redundant local copies. Compared with other two file transferring methods, FoneLab HyperTrans provides more customizable features. You can selectively transfer data between any micro SD card and Android phone or transfer data between Samsung and iPhone copy my data apk or transfer text messages from Android to Android with ease.